5 Client Questions About Today’s Investment Environment

Feb 15, 2023

How times have changed.

In a 2019 article in Proactive Advisor Magazine, I reflected on the ridiculous low-volatility and “easy market” environment experienced during 2017—and how 2018 had been more challenging.

At that juncture, and for the next few years that followed, every stock market pullback and correction managed to claw back a quick recovery in no more than four months. This past couple of years, however, has seen a completely different landscape.

As a portfolio manager, market participant, and observer of the markets from a “financial surgeon’s” viewpoint (think analysis, diagnosis, action), the ebbs and flows of the economic landscape are more scientific and left-brained than they are emotional to me.

Said another way, there is no shortage of right-brain-affecting (or more importantly, distracting) “news” pouring out of what my friend Carl Richards so eloquently calls “the financial pornography networks.”

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