Wealth Management Approach

Wealth Management Approach

Weathering Crisis with Personalized Wealth Management

At Libertas, we pride ourselves on being “Big enough to matter and small enough to care.” We’ve helped our clients through four of the worst market crashes in history. For these reasons, we understand the planning necessary to prepare for the next inevitable crisis. We pride ourselves on making complex matters easy, so we implement a well-defined wealth management process.

We Take a Holistic Approach to Growing Your Wealth

We Take a Holistic Approach to Growing Your Wealth

Wealth management at Libertas is a holistic process when it comes to helping clients increase their net worth. It involves not only wealth management but also financial planning, tax strategies, family legacy planning, retirement planning, business succession planning, and estate planning. Our wealth management team considers all these aspects when advising clients on how to grow and protect their wealth and secure their financial futures.

Financial planning that’s customized, comprehensive, and in your best interest.

We work with our clients to build legacies, but we couldn’t do it without a customized, comprehensive financial plan that is, above all else, in your best interest. As you go through our planning process, the last thing we will discuss is transferring your money to us. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that warrant an expedited process (such as legal issues with your past advisory firm or an imminent market crash), we meet with every client at least four times before signing any paperwork.

Financial planning that’s customized, comprehensive, and in your best interest.
ESG Portfolio Management

ESG Portfolio Management

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is sometimes called “socially responsible investing,” and it’s a strategy we offer that helps clients evaluate companies based on their conscientiousness regarding environmental issues, social responsibility, and governance practices alongside traditional financial metrics. With ESG investing, you can find the sweet spot where doing good meets good business. As one of the only true fiduciaries in central Ohio, we provide ESG investment guidance that meets our client’s investment needs and respects their social values while preparing for a stress-free financial future.

What is meant by full service vs fixed fee? And why it matters.

Full Service

At Libertas, we prioritize clear, simple, and transparent fees. Most clients opt for our all-inclusive Full-Service Financial Planning and Investment Management, which is all-inclusive as to onboarding, transaction costs, administrative fees, trading fees, IRA fees, custodial fees, ACH/wire transfer fees, as well as progress review meetings and financial plan renewals. This fee is an annualized percentage of assets under management, billed monthly through Charles Schwab, based on the prior month’s average daily balance.

Fixed Fee

For those who prefer to implement their own market research and investment management and/or do not meet our $500,000 minimum for Full-Service clients, we offer Fixed-Fee Financial Planning. In this type of engagement, you are provided with all the same retirement, income, tax, insurance, college savings, and estate planning advice you’d receive if you were a full-service client, along with advanced estate planning implementation via a “My Promise Kit,” specific investment recommendations for you to implement on your own, access to our team for a full 12 months, and one financial plan review meeting (roughly six months after the initial completion of your plan). The key differences are that implementation and ongoing investment management are client-led, and the fixed, hard-dollar fee varies, depending on various objective and subjective factors such as anticipated servicing needs, portfolio composition, retirement readiness, as well as the scope and complexity of the engagement.

Why It Matters

Full Service vs. Fixed Fee matters to our clients because they value a transparent and straightforward fee structure, eliminating any hidden costs that can undermine trust. Libertas clients have the flexibility to choose between an all-inclusive full-service option where Libertas handles all financial planning and investment management or a fixed fee plan that allows clients to implement their own strategies with Libertas’ guidance.

This satisfies both types of clients who prefer a hands-on approach and those who want a comprehensive service, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their wealth, can access expert advice tailored to their needs. This empowers our clients to make informed decisions that align with their financial goals and circumstances.

A Four-Step Process to Financial Security

Our tailored four-step process enables us to craft a holistic financial plan that addresses your specific needs. From retirement planning and tax strategies, insurance considerations, and investment portfolio management to business transition and estate planning, we ensure that every aspect of your wealth management plan is developed, tested, and taken care of, empowering you to focus on what matters most.

Introduction and

Your journey to financial freedom starts with Step 1, an introduction call where we get to know each other, assess your complete financial situation, determine your financial goals and unique circumstances, and outline the path forward together.

Education and
Financial Planning

In Step 2, we explain the role of a fiduciary financial advisor and how that greatly benefits you. Our financial advisors share an overview of our investment management services and investment strategies. This session lays the foundation for an insightful, collaborative financial planning journey.

Put Your Plan
Into Action

In this crucial step, we put your tailored financial plan into action, considering your complete financial health, including your income, lifestyle plans, expenses, income sources like SSI and pensions, and liquid retirement assets. We know that thorough vetting upfront makes for the successful fulfillment of your long-term goals.


Every day, our financial planners monitor your assets and portfolio as we continue to provide tailored investment advice on topics like asset allocation, cash flow, income tax planning and tax preparation, retirement strategies, business transition, college planning, insurance strategies, and estate planning. We utilize data models to project your financial future, adjust for inflation, and evaluate whether you’re on track to achieve your goals and secure the lifestyle and retirement you deserve.

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