My Promise Kit Program

My Promise Kit Program

Make the Promise of Financial Security to Your Family

Fulfilling promises, particularly to those we hold dear, is a commitment we strive to uphold. This very principle inspired the development of our “My Promise Kit” program. Consider it an essential component in your repertoire for wealth management and financial planning.

“My Promise Kit” Program by Libertas Wealth Management

From an unexpected loss, a promise was made.

Libertas Wealth Management’s “My Promise Kit” program was inspired by the unexpected loss of Libertas founder Adam Koós’ brother and aims to help clients make a promise to their families regarding their financial security.

Drawing on the insights gained from Adam’s personal loss, we’ve converted adversity into a plan that benefits your family. We use our expertise and resources to ensure your family’s welfare. Whether you’re facing illness or merely stepping out of the house for a trip to the grocery store, if you’re unable to return, we ensure your needs are met at a time when the last thing your family wants is to be worried about money and the administration of your estate plan.

Statistics Show


of individuals haven't organized their online passwords


lack an advanced healthcare directive


don't possess a comprehensive estate plan


of people with an estate plan don't know where their documents are stored


haven't informed their executor or trustee about locating these essential documents

Gain Peace of Mind Through Vital Document Management

Our “My Promise Kit” offers complete support in organizing your vital documents, from passwords and passports to financial statements and property titles, in a customized kit. We also compile essential non-personal details for emergency responders, stored securely on an ICE Key. To prevent loss, we back up all data to our encrypted “My Promise Vault” for easy remote access and smooth estate administration. We guide you through the entire 4-step process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your family.


Assist in compiling crucial documents like internet password organizer, insurance documents, investment statements, powers of attorney, medical information, healthcare directives, living wills, real estate deeds, and personal property titles for your kit.


Assist in collecting non-personally identifiable information crucial for first responders and medical practitioners such as healthcare directives, powers of attorney, prescription drug lists, and medical and surgical history. This information is stored on an ICE Key for immediate access, ensuring key details are readily available in emergencies.


Secure a backup of all documents in our encrypted “My Promise Vault” as a contingency against loss or damage. This allows remote access and can grant limited access to beneficiaries. In an emergency, we can provide full access to estate executors or t trustees, ensuring seamless and stress-free estate administration.


Lastly, we hold your hand through this entire process, walking you through every item on the checklist, doing the vast majority of the heavy lifting, and making the process easy for you and your family.

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