A Feast of Legacy: Harvesting Your Financial Future with Family

Aug 22, 2023

Adam Koós was recently asked to appear on Stock Market TV, a show hosted by JC Parets that aims to present the best stock market research with award-winning production, bringing you a mix of insights and content that can’t be found anywhere else.

JC is the founder of All Star Charts and expanded the company to India, founding All Star Charts India. He is an influential and well-known member of the technical analysis community around the world.

Steve Strazza co-hosts the segment, produced by Spencer Israel (also a frequent co-host), and they touch on a multitude of topics including:


  • Discussions about if the market has bottomed and if so, when.
  • What I’m hearing from clients (market worries, politics, etc.)
  • Specific details on a stock he own(ed) for his clients (it’s since been sold), as well as the bond market, which showed some life in July, but has resumed its long-term downtrend for now.
  • How Adam is managing portfolio risk and market exposure during this market correction we’re experiencing right now.
  • Market seasonality and how August and September are the worst two months for the market, on average, and as a result of this data, how we shouldn’t expect the market to do well right now – perhaps we shouldn’t even be opening our statements!
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